Techniků údržby | Maintenance Staff

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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Region: Suffolk
  • City: Ipswich
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We are looking for skilled workers with experience in 2 or more different fields of electrical, maintenance, plumbing, carpentry to work for a large hotel group refurbishing and maintaining their hotels. electrical and carpentry skills most required.

The job will initially be based in the UK (Essex, Suffolk, Scotland etc.) but you must be flexible as you will be asked to go and work in the Spanish hotels as well.

Good experience, intermediate spoken English and driving licence preferred.

Salary: 1500 euros a month(after tax) plus travel expenses. Salary can be negotiated a bit more for multi-skilled staff with high level of experience.

Please note: when you work in UK, you will be paid in £, but when you move to Spain, you will be paid in euros.
Staff accommodation available.
Apply to us with your full professional CV and message.


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